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Apprentice Profile 2!

At Hodgsons, we have a strong apprenticeship scheme that gives youth the opportunity to learn a trade and hopefully work for us for years after their apprenticeship! We caught up with Harry, an apprentice almost at the end of his course.

When did you start your apprenticeship and how has it helped you?

My apprenticeship started 3 years ago. The apprenticeship scheme helps you in all aspects of your life and helps you grow up into the real world; and what’s better than learning a trade and getting paid while you do so?

How have Hodgsons helped you?

Hodgsons have helped me massively not just in work but out of work to by always pushing you to be the best and believing in not just me but all the apprentices.

Future goals?

My future goals within the industry would be to eventually running a few of my own lads under a trading name of my own, but for now just keeping my head down, learning and mastering the trade.

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