Rendering at the Hilton Hotel Hull

We recently carried out external rendered curtain walling and feature panels on vented rails to the New Build Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Hull. The building was a modern method of construction and built with off-site container units or pods which are fully finished units which arrive on site and are then stacked and fixed together on the foundation and loadbearing frame.  Building in this method saves time on site as the critical path can be significantly shortened, the pods can be built in advance and whilst the site is only just getting set up or getting out of ground the pods can be already complete.  The building would look odd and not very aesthetically pleasing seeing a stack load of containers rowed and lined one on top of another resembling a cargo ships deck than that of a luxury hotel.  To finish the building elevations and unify the units a vented rail is fixed to the outside of the container pods, with fire breaks placed as per building regulations and detail design, the outside of the building is fully clad in rendered panels.  Vented rails finished with Render panels are good at weathering, light and flexible, the cement based carrier boards are very durable and offer excellent fire ratings which composite panels may struggle to achieve.  The render system can also achieve good thermal properties with the introduction of insulation. Each building needs its own performance and design considerations before selecting rendered vented railing although with an abundance of tried and tested good quality systems on the market, coupled with the right specialist installer, rendered vented rails with or without EWI are a an excellent choice of finish with a whole variety of finished colours and effects possible whilst at the same time been fast to install, competitively priced and durable.

We have an excellent proven history on vented rail projects, the Hilton Hotel Hull is one of them and as with every project we are selected for we are proud to be part of the build team and make a real positive addition to the project.

The Render panels on the Hilton Hotel required a coloured base coat and lighter coloured topcoat with feature lines cut into the render forming a panelled effect. These cuts and lines could be used to create any pattern or shape, the colours range from dark black to the bright pink more or less any colour can be mixed as these are all ordered on a project by project basis.

Behind the render was a mixed substrate, some elevations required External Wall Insulation with polystyrene blocks bonded and mechanically fixed to a carrier board, floor joints and room to room joints are insulated with Rockwool or lamella insulation to stop fire spread from room to room.

T rails are fixed to the container holding areas which form a new wall line in front of the container units, the vented areas also have fire blocks to strategic areas as per building regulations and engineers detailing.

The T rails or u rails can be fixed then with a render carrier board which insulation or render can be directly installed to. There are systems available with the insulation slabs fix directly to the T rails.  We have contacts with all major reputable manufacturers systems and can help you ensure the most appropriate system is selected both in terms of install speed and process along with impartial guidance on value and quality.

Once you have selected the system and finish for your project you want reassurance that the install is going to be carried out in best practice, safely, with respect and awareness of design detail and specification and installed to the best possible standard of workmanship all whilst been competitively priced, we offer that service and our proven track history and working ethos will see that we deliver on your project.

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