Render, brighten up my day

Bricks brick bricks, are dull dull dull.  The addition of a bright alternative material to a project can really lift the overall aesthetics and add vibrancy and light which is the perfect contrast to traditional masonry.  External through coloured render is exactly the product when trying to achieve this contrast.  When installed correctly through coloured render can be the “piece de resistance” lifting the aesthetic of a building to a new level.

Designers of New build sites often specify render plots to break up the street scene and add the dimension of colour.  


Thinking of coloured external render my mind is drawn to the town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull and seaside towns up and down the coast of Britain with contrasting elevations of brightly coloured pastel buildings really bringing a town to life in the summer sun or adding precious brightness on a winters day.  Coastal towns of the Mediterranean Sea; Sorrento, Barcelona and Cannes where the rendered buildings of reds, oranges, yellow reflect the warm summer sun.  Or the alternative white wash spanish sun bleached villages of menorca with buildings adorned with white render.  This aesthetic is not limited to far of places and holiday destinations, the selection of through coloured render can make the perfect addition to an extension project, refurbishment or new build.  Bringing a piece of beauty & uniqueness to your project.  We have rendered garden walls in pastel colours to create a paradise at home,  ultra sleak white render creating a modern rich finish when contrasted with dark window framing and composite decking, art deco feature cuts in white rendered walls, properties brought to life and modernised with the addition of new through coloured render, extensions seamlessly blended with the existing building to create a superior property.

Through Coloured Render

Through coloured render is well worth considering and can achieve the look imagined, and when you decide to select render for your project, you want reassurance that the job is going to be right first time and that’s where we come in; We have excellent relationships with all leading manufacturers of through coloured render products and can ensure the specification and cost targets your project requires are met, that’s first hand knowledge and advise given from installers of products whom are passionate about render and leaving an excellent looking job, with customer satisfaction as our priority.

To deliver our aims we have trained and selected some of the finest tradesmen and retain our people. We have equipped our gangs with a mobile factory, armed with render machines, hoses trowels, protection tapes and covers and any tool imaginable to install a first class render project, we are sure not to disappoint.

We have a proven track record of delivery high quality render finishes with well over 10 years of actual render specialist status and thousands of installs under our belts, our experience puts us in good stead to ensure we deliver on your project be that a private extension or a multi million pound project we are all set and ready to achieve together.

Throughout the years we have genuinely seen some absolutely terrible workmanship and render installs where someone has claimed they can render and made a total mess of the install, and after later consulting us we have rectified the work and the client or builder has been left gutted that they didn’t find or come to us in the first place, we can wholeheartedly assure you that we will deliver.

Chancer’s sit down, gung ho plasterers sit down, the guy down the pub who does a bit of plastering and can turn his hand to anything sit down, mimics sit down,

We are the Rendering specialists and we will deliver; good advise, independent selection of material, competitively, timely, conscientiously, friendly and competently.


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