Brick Effect Render with or without EWI

Render is versatile, dilapidated elevations that need an upgrade and weather protecting can receive a variety of finishes if selecting modern renders. Manufacturers have some outstanding products available that when installed correctly can achieve a whole variety of finishes.  For this project the Client wanted to achieve improved thermal insulation along with renewing the exterior and after discussions with us selected External Wall Insulation.

House requiring improvement

Brick Effect Render

Wanting a total house transformation the client wanted to change back to facing brick.  It would be unfeasible to build a new facing brick skin form a cavity and insulate that way in terms of both cost and practicality whereas External Wall Insulation is available, tried and tested and affordable and when installed correctly is an excellent selection for a property transformation.

The Thermal improvement that installing EWI can achieve is notable especially in the winter months. From an energy efficiency perspective there are other more critical improvement items that should be carried out first, the main one been loft insulation, heating source and glazing, but once these are carried out or if carried out as a full refurbishment and energy efficiency transformation of a property then EWI is the logical next step.

The brick effect render when installed with skill is seamless and comparable to an actual brick elevation, with the added knowledge that behind the render brick is a slab of insulation protecting and insulating the building.

Brick Effect render can be installed without EWI and will look just as good although for a solid wall with no insulation improvements made we would always recommend the addition of EWI instead of render only as is recommended by the building regulations.

What lifetime can be expected for Brick Effect render and EWI systems? As with most building materials the longevity of the material is determined by detailing & maintenance suitable & equal to the environment the building is located.  External materials in a highly industrial area may become dilapidated more than a rural area, or a constantly wet environment more than a dry one, equally an elevation constantly in shade may suffer more than one in full light.  When we discuss your project our installation has the backing and support of the manufacturers technical department, we only work with the best proven products and only use systems with BBA or ETA accreditation meaning the systems have been stringently tested for quality in terms of manufacture and full system performance.  We are approved installers of leading manufacturers systems and work closely with the manufacturers technical teams ensuring best practice is followed.  When installed correctly by a reputable and competent contractor render only systems have a warranty period of 5 & 10 years and EWI systems as with recent ECO schemes have lifetime insurance backed warranties of 25 and 30 years although the expected life time of an installation is much more than this if maintained correctly.

What can go wrong, what are the main maintenance issues?  As part of our initial survey if we see something that may be detrimental to the install we will identify this to you before quoting for the work.  Other than direct damage from collision (which the render & EWI systems are pretty robust at handling so this would have to be a major collision say with a car on a drive wall), prolonged localised water exposure is main cause of damage ie faulty guttering or down pipes with water dripping directly on an area over time and especially in winter this can then soak through the system, freeze and then crack.  The Render and EWI systems are more than suitable to handle rain and driving rain its just this constant localised contact that can cause issues.  Poor, faulty guttering or overflowing guttering and poor detailing in terms of water drip or poor detailing in terms of drip edges are the main culprits for this. Although the render will stand up for years under this exposure before it becomes a serious problem it is something that would need addressing for the longevity of the system.  Shaded elevations can also pose problems with algae growth which if left over a prolonged period can cause detriment to the render although algae washes and protecting treatments are available to handle this.

Other than the above problems the main course of action for maintenance of render and EWI systems are cleaning subject to environment, buildings situated in heavy traffic areas may need cleaning more than those in a normal exposure area, after a good few years a gentle clean will renew the render install.

That is one of the great benefits of selecting us as your installer, we are not a flash in the pan, or pop up business. During periods where funding is available and as an unfortunate consequence of schemes such as Green Deal and ECO there have been countless pop up companies whom are created to capitalise on funding schemes and once the scheme ends the business is simply wrapped up.  As a customer be that a fellow contractor, builder, developer, landlord or homeowner this is not a good thing. Why select others when you can come to an established business with a proven track record and infrastructure with long term skilled operatives, apprentices and staff who along with the directors aim to provide excellent service from the first enquiry to the final handover.


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