Coloured Render, Aspect Anlaby for David Wilson Homes

We have been busy applying through coloured render for David Wilson Homes at Aspect Anlaby.  This high spec site is built with a quality approach where the site team demand the highest standards for workmanship. We where selected to carry out External Through Coloured Render to the feature render plots which are placed around the site in key positions to break up the aesthetic and add the clean bright human texture that makes a site standout from the rest.

After carrying out the render we where then appointed to carry out the internal drylining works to the second phase of the site which is a timber frame construction which requires full drylining and a tape and joint finish.

The render is a light colour a shade darker than white and is finished with a scraped finish. This leave’s a line and level surface with a modern feel, a slight texture is left on the surface which is the recommended finish for Monocouche render , straight angles and reveals are achieved using upvc coloured angle & stop beads. Reinforcing mesh is placed throughout the render at key stress locations which ensures no cracking in future so long as the substrate of blockwork is installed to a good standard of workmanship. Ideally blockwork to be rendered with have re-bar reinforcement to mortar joints every few courses high and to stress locations such as windows and doors.

Blocks need to be a good standard to new build plots, a 7N block is ideally the choice as the block should be denser than the render applied to it.  Lightweight blocks can be rendered although not ideal as a reinforcing coat would first need applied which adds to the cost of the render system.

Weep Vents or no Weep Vents? Our manufacturers have rigorously tested the render and have determined that weep vents can be removed as the render is breathable and will let any moisture out of the wall construction.  Some designers & insurance backed building control inspectors may be adamant that weep vents are required, yet literature exists from manufacturers confirming that removing these and rendering over them will not have any detriment to the building performance.   Considering this advice we recommend generally that weep vents are rendered over as they can look unsightly on a close inspection, however each project should be considered after consulting designer requirements, building control and client choice before making a decision.  When weep vents are kept in the construction we can render around these and will ensure we protect them first, the weep vent needs to be place neatly, plumb and level and equally spaces, the weep vent needs a 15mm overhang as the monocouche render is nominally 15mm thick for.

Varying manufacturers are available, we stick to application of top end products only with full BBA or ETA approval and tried and tested products.

Monocouche render, Through coloured render, coloured render is a polymer modified cement based render. Products are also available with a lime mix which are ideal for restoration projects where traditional materials are to be used.  Generally speaking all monocouche renders come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty which ensures you can sleep easy with your project and also conforms with new build warranties.

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