The Green Deal

The Green Deal & GDHIF funding is now closed. 

We are proud to have contributed and deliver £pmillions if Green Deal funded work to our customers in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions over the last 3 years.

The passing of the previous coalition government marked the end for the the Green Deal Scheme which was wrapped up and finished in 2015.  All those lucky enough to have used the scheme gained from a very positive and innovative government policy to help Britain once again lead the way in making a sustainable & green economy by improving energy efficiency of the UK’s housing and commercial properties and ultimately reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

Irrespective of your position on the debate over the effects & benefits of reducing carbon emissions globally one thing is certain; Improving the thermal efficiency of your home or business property makes for improved Human Comfort for all those in the property and will save money in the long run.  To continue heating a poorly insulated property and continuing to do so without effecting change is certainly not sensible or sustainable, especially when future energy base costs are expected to increase vastly as the expiry of fossil fuels continues, cost effective traditionally extracted gas resources declines & expensive and controversial gas extraction methods are exacted.  Can we justify continuing to heat un-insulated and inefficient properties?

The cost of installing EWI and other measures is still feasible, if you are a landlord or property owner call us today for your EWI quote and help do our bit to make a better future….