External & Internal Wall Insulation

On a Solid wall construction upto 45% of a buildings heat loss is through the walls.

External wall insulation (EWI) & Internal wall Insulation (IWI) are methods of improving a buildings thermal performance by reducing the rate heat escapes from a building through Solid Walls & hard to treat cavity walls.  

EWI is the most effective at insulating Solid Walls and Hard to treat Cavity walls as the system is applied externally ensuring no cold bridging points at floor levels or wall junctions, effectively wrapping all external walls and internal heat within the building.  EWI is finished with a variety of finishes, render & brick cladding. EWI has positive aesthetic values, that, along with improving the rate of heatloss can dramitically improve, modernise and upgrade a buildings aesthetics.

IWI although not theoretically effective as EWI is still a viable and worthy option of improving a building thermal efficiency, if applied correctly by a specialist installer. IWI has benefits when considering Solid Wall treatment to listed or conservation areas where EWI is either not possible due to planning restrictions or not desired.

For either method we always apply full systems with excellent performance ratings and history, all systems are BBA approved and BBA tested. We are trained and approved applicators with each manufacturer & system we install and are also fully approved and certified Green Deal Installers of EWI & IWI systems, to ensure full peace of mind throughout the installation.

Join countless other satisfied customers and become a Hodgson Warm Home today. At Hodgson’s we carry out the full works to ensure a hassle free service on domestic and private contracts. Hodgson Warm Home is our brand for reflecting this service and we aim to ensure you have a smooth experience from first contact to enjoying the benefits of the completed installation long into the future. After our initial discussions, survey and quotation we then leave the decision to you, we have a no pressure approach and will await your call.

If you opt to become a Hodgson Warm Home after agreeing all the final details including colour, finish and style we will commence on site. We will carryout another detailed survey establishing positions of gutters and down pipes, boiler outlets, window cills, alarm boxes and any other wall mounted fixture and fitting. Once all of these items are identified we will ensure all protection is in place including to windows / doors / floors etc. Suitable scaffolding is then erected by competent operatives. Correctly skilled tradesmen will alter and enable the existing fixtures identified in the survey to make suitable for the EWI installation. Once all of this preperation work is carried out the installation work begins. During the installation the works are constantly monitored to ensure the works are running correctly. After the installation is complete a full clean up of the area will be carried out. All fixture items will be fixed back in place as required and after a thorough inspection the scaffold is then stripped. We will then view the work with you to ensure this all meets your satisfaction, all necessary sign offs will be carried out and warrantees will be issued, this is the Hodgson Warm Home in action.

Become a Hodgson Warm Home today and ring for an informal chat or arrange a free no obligation quotation for EWI to your property

Funding is available through the governments ECO scheme & finance is available through The Green Deal,  please see the ECO & Green Deal pages of our website or contact us for further information on available funding and finance options.